Monday, November 15, 2010

Magic Number 9

For the first time since starting out as newly hatched chicks, all nine of our hens have laid eggs within a 24 hour period.  John doesn't seem too excited, but I think it's quite an accomplishment for the girls.

We probably average 6 or 7 eggs each day, and we've been giving them away to friends and family in the immediate area.  We eat a respectable number as scrambled or fried eggs ourselves, but I also make custard about once a week.  And last night we both discovered how tasty "egg cakes" are.  (After John said he was hungering for some dessert, I found the Norwegian pancake recipe in a cookbook compiled by people who live in Roberts.)

Here are two pictures.  I particularly like the angles that show the spectrum of colors: the darker the chicken, the darker the egg.  My favorite are the darkest brown -- they almost resemble a bronze Crayola Crayon, complete with a metallic shimmer.

I sometimes wonder how many meals I could eat in a row that consist of only egg-based dishes -- think of the money we could save!  If you have any favorite egg recipes, please don't hesitate to send them our way.